Moldova: Producer of a Eurovision winning song predicts top3 for Natalia Gordienko!

The Dream Team is in the final stretch for Moldova‘s entry with Natalia Gordienko in Eurovision 2021. In fact, after the statements for victory of the singer herself, but also of Philipp Kirkorov, a new relevant statement comes to further strengthen our expectations, for the Moldovan entry in the upcoming contest.

“We are preparing the winning song”

Natalia Gordienko, together with Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos, is in the last days in Kiev, where she is preparing the video clip of her song. The information tells us that this is a blockbuster video, which we rarely see in the contest, the costs of which have been borne by the singer herself.

From Kiev and shortly after the official announcement of the Moldovan public television that Natalia Gordienko will represent the country again, the popular singer said that together with Dream Team they are preparing the winning entry in Eurovision 2021.

It is an honor and a privilege to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam! I look forward to working with this incredible dream team! We have already started working on creating the winning song in the most important song contest in the world!

“Moldova will be at least in the top 5”

Yana Rukdovskaya, one of the most important music producers in Russia and responsible for Dima Bilan’s two songs in Eurovision, took the baton of statements. Among others is wife of Evgeni Plushenk, the gold medalist in ice skating, who appeared with Dima Bilan on the stage of the competition in 2008.

Yana Rudkovskaya uploading a photo with Philipp Kirkorov saying that she has already heard the song, also knowing many other secrets, in relation to the Moldovan entry (obviously the script of the stage appearance), expresses the certainty that Natalia Gordienko with her song will definitely be in top5 and most likely in top3.

“A sweet surprise with a Greek signature”

The song that both Natalia Gordienko and Philipp Kirkorov presented as a “sweet” surprise has a strong Greek presence. Of course it is a melody by Dimitris Kontopoulos, while the vocal teacher is Victoria Chalkiti. The director is Fokas Evangelinos, while the project manager of the whole project is Elias Kokotos.

As you first read in Eurovisionfun, the new song will have nothing to do with Prison, that is, last year’s participation of Natalia Gordienko. The song will be dance… a lot of dance! Its sound is in a style that flourishes in the countries of Eastern Europe. It’s a piece about sex and youth. Natalia is expected to set fire with her sexy presentation. The song along with the clip is expected to be presented by March 8.

We can assure you since we are lucky to have heard the song, that Yana Rukdovskaya’s prediction is not at all excessive!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding Moldova’s entry in Eurovision 2021!

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