Norway: New problems in MGP’s online voting!

After the uproar that broke out, for set results in the first semifinal, problems were also noted in the voting of the second semifinal of MGP 2021, further blurring the credibility of the process.

According to the country’s public television, there were technical issues with the voting system, as many users with older mobile devices were unable to vote. Of course, as it was emphasized, this problem did not affect the results of the vote, which of course remains to be seen if it will be valid, when we will have the detailed announcement of the results, after the final of MGP 2021.

This is the umpteenth time things are not going as planned in the MGP. Last year, during the final, the voting system collapsed, and a 20-member committee selected the 4 contestants who advanced to the second phase of the final.

We remind you that the winner of the second semifinal of MGP 2021 was Raylee with Hero. On Saturday 30/1, the third semifinal takes place, where another song will get the ticket for the final, while we will have the opportunity to listen to the song of Kaja Rode“Feel Again”, which is one of the direct finalists.

Below you can watch our interview with Blåsemafian, the winners of the first semifinal:

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news, regarding MGP 2021!

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