Foureira OGAE Song Contest

Eleni Foureira: “I wanted to represent Greece at Eurovision Song Contest”!

Eleni Foureira was invited to the historical show of the Greek television “Enopios Enopio” with Nikos Hatzinikolaou on ANT1. The popular singer, among other things, referred to the Eurovision song contest, saying that she wanted to represent Greece, sending her message to ERT!

Eleni Foureira mentioned her difficult childhood years in Albania, her future professional plans, her personal life, but also her experience with her participation in the Eurovision song contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a big drug… When I went, it was mainly to prove to myself that I can do it. I am glad that I made Cyprus and Greece proud. I reached a very good result and if I go again I can do better, but also to destroy everything… I wanted to represent Greece in Eurovision!

Eleni Foureira

Eleni Foureira represented Cyprus in Eurovision 2018 with Fuego, reaching the second place, the best place in the country’s history in the contest!

Would you like to see Eleni Foureira representing Greece this time?


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