Ireland: With the creative director of Heroes in Eurovision 2021.

Ok, now her chances of reaching the final have increased. Ireland’s stage director this year is Benke Rydman.

In her interview on Wiwibloggs, the 2021 representative of Ireland, Lesley Roy, revealed that the creative director for her entry Maps on the stage of Rotterdam is going to be  Fredrik “Benke” Rydman, the man behind the staging of Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes in Vienna in 2015.


“I’m very excited about our Rotterdam performance. Our creative director this year is Fredrik Rydman — Benke — who did the staging and the creative directing for Mans Zelmerlow “Heroes”. So, we have a winner on our team. We’ve been working together on this concept since December. I really just hope we get to go there”


All the same, given the situation in Ireland and globally, Lesley is also ready for the possibility that she might not be able to travel to Rotterdam, the Netherlands in May.


“Anyone going through any version of life this year has to know if you’re getting into something you have to be very aware that it could just be gone the next day. So, I did get into it knowing that and that was another reason that I wanted to push really hard and make a very epic music video. And we’ll do our best with the backup tape. Obviously, I wish we had more time and more similarities to what Benke and I would like to do for Rotterdam. But at the same time what Alan Byrne the director is doing in RTÉ, as far as the backup tape and what we can do there, I think it will be what it is if it gets cancelled”


During this week, Lesley finished the recording of her Eurovision backup tape, which will be used should the Irish team don’t travel to Rotterdam.

Apart from Heroes (Sweden ESC2015), Fredrik “Benke” Rydman has directed the following Melodifestivalen entries:

ISA – I Will Wait (MF 2016)

Mohombi – Hello (MF 2019)

Danny – Dandi Dansa (MF 2021)


Eric Saade – Every Minute (MF 2021)

Source: Wiwibloggs

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