Belarus: Galasy ZMesta submitted 2 new songs for Eurovision

Belarus selected representatives have submitted two new songs to represent the Eastern European country in Rotterdam.  Galasy ZMesta sparked controversy for the song they initially selected song.

In an interview for STW Dzmitryj Butakou, leader of Galasy ZMesta told that the band had already submitted two new songs to represent Belarus in Eurovision.  During the interview he said that he did not understand why the EBU disqualified their initial song.

Galasy ZMesta was internally selected to represent Belarus with their song “Ya nauchu tebya” (I’ll Teach You) in Rotterdam.  However, the song received criticism from the public because of its lyrics.  The song allegedly makes fun of the Belarus opposition and their demands.  The band had made fun of the opposition to Lukashenko’s government in the past.  On 11 March the EBU disqualified the song for its political nature.

Moreover, Butakou said during the interview that “there were some people” who had an interest in disqualifying his band.  Nevertheless he said he had already sent two new proposals.

There is no problem because we write 2 songs a week. We already have six ready. We chose a few and sent them.



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