North Macedonia: Request for replacement of Vasil Garganliev by citizens of the country | They accuse him of Bulgarian propaganda!

Reactions in North Macedonia to Vasil Garganliev continue. Following the change to the video clip, which featured three paintings in layout and colors of the Bulgarian flag, online signatures are now being collected to replace Vasil Garganliev with another artist who will not have a Bulgarian conscience.

Vasil Garganliev holds a Bulgarian passport, as do hundreds of other thousands of citizens of North Macedonia. The relations between the two countries are not going through their best period, since Bulgaria historically and ethnologically considers the inhabitants of North Macedonia as part of the Bulgarian culture.

Vasil Garganliev’s act of including the three controversial paintings in the Bulgarian colors in the video clip for his entry in Eurovision 2021 was reasonable to provoke reactions. So after the change in the video clip of Here I Stand, now online signatures are being collected for the replacement of Vasil Garganliev by another artist.

Of course, this is not possible at the moment when the meeting of the mission leaders took place today and the complete files of the entries were submitted, with the names of the artists, the video clips, but also the design of the stage appearance.

So far in just a few hours about 12,000 signatures have been collected.

The song with which Vasil Garganliev will represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2021 is called Here I Stand and you can listen to it below:

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