Russia: Little Big will NOT take part in the national final for Eurovision 2021! UPDATED

Unfortunately and according to our exclusive and secure information, Little Big, the band that would represent Russia in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, will not be candindates in the national final on March 8, organized by the country’s public television, for artist and song selection for this year’s competition.

It is still unknown who the candidates will be, although given that this national final will last only 1 hour, it is easy to understand that there will be no more than five candidates.

The dancer who participates in the commercial trailer of the national final and also participated in the video clip of Little Big Uno, is not a member of the band, he just collaborated with them last year.

What we also know about Monday is the appearance of Natalia Gordienko who will perform “Sugar”, this year’s entry of Moldova. It is also known that both Phillip Kirkorov and Yulia Savicheva, Russia’s representative in 2004, will appear.

We remind you that Little Big was one of the big favorites in last year’s canceled contest, with the song Uno, which broke all records of views on the Eurovision YouTube channel.


Apparently the thriller will last until Monday, as newer information contradicts what we learned earlier. We apologize for the inconvenience, but at the moment nothing can be guaranteed with 100% certainty.

Little Big are thus added to the list of artists who would represent their country in last year’s contest, but do not return to Eurovision 2021!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments related to the 65th Eurovision Song Contest!

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