Moldova: Dream Team’s response to accusations about the result of televoting!

In response to the Aftonbladet article, which was republished on various websites, Dream Team responded. Dream Team’s spokesman referred to all the allegations in the article, such as manipulating the outcome of televoting in small countries so that Natalia Gordienko could get as many votes as possible and avoid a bad outcome, as betting companies had predicted.

We have proved our love for this competition for many years. Why would we suddenly start handling telephone lines only in the semifinals and not in the finals? These categories are outrageous. In Portugal, for example, there is a large diaspora from Moldova. Greece usually supports our entries.

By no means are countries like France or the Czech Republic small enough to influence televoting. Natalia Gordienko’s song became a hit in Russia and was played on Russian radio channels throughout Europe.

We should not be surprised if the Russian Diaspora, for example, in Latvia and Estonia voted for it in the semifinals when there was no Russian artist to vote for.

Dream Team

We remind you that Natalia Gordienko’s Sugar took 13th place in the grand final, but took 12th place in the televoting, adding another entry to those of Dream Team, which go better in the public vote than the juries.

Source: Aftonbladet, Dream Team
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