Alessandro Cattelan would be “honoured” to host Eurovision 2022

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has just ended and speculations about next year’s contest already started to come up.  Fans are wondering which Italian city will host Eurovision in 2022.  And the rumors do not end up there!  Who will host next year contest?  Two names are already circulating: Alessandro Cattelan and Raffaella Carrà.

In June 15, 2021 Alessandro Cattelan gave an interview for La Repubblica where he was asked about these rumors.  His response although vague, will make the fans keep guessing:

“That was an honor. It also made me say that I’ve worked well with Måneskin”.

Alessandro Cattelan about rumors on hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2022


Who is Alessandro Cattelan?

Alessandro Cattelan is an Italian TV personality.  He has hosted TRL Italy and the X Factor Italy.  Moreover, Måneskin competed in the 2017 edition of the X Factor Italy which Cattelan hosted.  Cattelan speaks English fluently and has been rumored to be the host for Sanremo and now Eurovision.

Enjoy Måneskin’s performance for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 of their winning song Zitti E Buoni in the embedded video below

Are you excited about the Eurovision Song Contest 2022?  Who do you want to see hosting the contest?

Source: La Repubblica

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