#Eurovisionagain returns for a third season!

#Eurovisionagain will return once again for a third season this summer!  Starting on Saturday 19 of June at 21 CEST, fans will enjoy with the rewatch parties using the hashtag #Eurovisionagain.

Eurovision Again started last year in March 2020 when the lockdowns due to the Covid-19 epidemic took place.  Fans turned to Twitter using the hashtag #Eurovisionagain as they watched previous editions of the Eurovision Song Contest.  However, that is not all.  The fans raised over £25,000 in the process.  The money was donated to different charities.

How #EurovisionAgain work?

The concept behind Eurovision Again is quite simple.  The fans watch a retro edition of the Eurovision Song Contest at the same time.  The Official Eurovision YouTube Channel will broadcast the chosen edition.  At the same time, fans and viewers tweet and react to their favorites acts and moments from the show using the hashtag.

Moreover, to make things more exciting the edition is not revealed until 15 minutes before the show is due to start.  However, the excitement does not end up there.  After all acts have performed, the fans can vote for the favorites and chose their own winner.

Eurovision Again Third Season Schedule

So here are the dates for the third season of #EurovisionAgain:

  • Saturday 19 June
  • Saturday 17 July
  • Saturday 21 August
  • Saturday 18 September
  • Saturday 16 October
  • Saturday 20 November

You can watch the third season of Eurovision Again every third Saturday of each month.   The organizers have suggested that a special edition of Eurovision Again may take place similar to the Semi-finalist special last year.


Are you excited to watch Eurovision Again?  Which Eurovision edition would you like to see broadcasted?

Source: Eurovision.tv  

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