Malta: National Final to be held for Eurovision 2022!

Despite the fact that X Factor Malta is coming back for another third season in PBS, the public broadcaster of the country, it has been announced that the winner of this year’s edition won’t be the artist for Eurovision 2022. The Chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency confirmed the news that Malta will change its approach for the 2022 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, by saying:

It is fitting to commend the wise decision of the new management of PBS, that with immediate effect, the representative of Malta in the next edition of Eurovision will be selected through a specially staged festival, and not simply select the winner of X Factor Malta.

I am convinced that this news will be received with great satisfaction by all Maltese singers, authors and composers.

Jasof Micalled, Chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency

By that means, this will be the first year since 2018 that Malta will hold a national final to choose their Eurovision 2022 entry. Their last National Final winner was Christabelle with the song “Taboo” ended up 13th in the second semi final that year.

This year Destiny, the winner of X Factor, represented the country with the song “Je Me Casse” ended up in 7th place in the Grand Final.

Is this the right desicion for the country to achieve even better results? Time will tell.

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