Melodifestivalen 2022’s songwriting camp kicks in

Sweden has already started looking for their 2022 Eurovision representative.  Melodivestivalen’s songwriting camp has already kicked in.  However, there are still at least 3 months on the way before we start guessing which acts will participate in the main competition.

Every year Melodifestivalen is one of the most awaited Eurovision national finals for the fans all over Europe.  According to Scandipop the following acts are participating in the songwriting camp for next year’s competition:

  • Dotter
  • Wiktoria
  • Liamoo
  • Efraim Leo
  • Robin Bengtsson
  • Malou Prytz
  • Victor Crone
  • Klara Hammarström
  • Nanne
  • Lillasyster
  • Sebastian Walldén
  • Nadja Holm
  • Julia Viktoria
  • Phelly
  • Neimy
  • Andreas Weise
  • Adrian Maceus

The list has many familiar names for the Eurovision fans including former Melodifestivalen contestants and  two former Eurovision participants.  Nevertheless, we will still have to wait to know which songs will make the cut for Melodifestivalen 2022.  Notwithstanding this, it seems that Sweden is not planning to change their formula for next year’s Melodifestivalen.

With six victories and many top 10s, and top 5s Sweden is one of the most successful countries on the Eurovision Song Contest.  Their last victory to this date took place in Vienna in 2015 with the song Heroes.

Are you excited about Melodifestivalen 2022? 

Source: Scandipop

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