Russia: Philipp Kirkorov is not included in Ukraine’s “Black List” anymore

Five days ago, Ukraine’s goverment has decided to include the Russian Pop Star Philipp Kirkorov in the “Black List” and ban him from entering the country, among other 200 Russian artists.

However, the Russian artist has made an instagram post to reasure his fans and followers that his name is not included in the list anymore and his fans will be able to keep on listening to his music.

I’m sending a piece of my heart and soul to every fan I have in Ukraine. I’m feeling very happy and proud with with the unexpected announcement from government authorities.

At the weekend, Ukraine’s government authorities, has removed my name from “Black List”. Thank you all for your support and your love.

We all have the right to decide what to watch or what to listen to, all by ourselves. And you proved that music and politics shouldn’t be related.

You proved to the whole world that your voice, the voice of the people, is much more powerful than every goverment agency. You showed a friendly face to Russia and I’m really hoping that the two countries will be friendly and show respect to each other. Maybe, there is still hope that the whole situation between us will be improved

Philipp Kirkorov

The Russian artist represented the country in Eurovision 1995 and has been part of the “Dream Team” ,as a co-writer , the last 15 years.



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