United Kingdom: Eurofans calling for the Steps!

And may the Steps answer!

It is true that if you are a Eurovision fan and you have heard at least one song from the Steps you must have thought “They would do great in Eurovision”.

The Steps is a UK dance-pop group, consisting of five members, that was formed in 1997. The group has been around for 25 years (though between 2001 and 2011 when they were on a break). They have six studio albums and 23 singles! Trust me, you need to give a good listen to Steps.

Eurovision 2021 was a shock for the UK and the BBC. The county received a set of zero points (both from the audience and the international juries) and was placed last on the contest’s scoreboard for the second consecutive year.

But, we, Eurofans never give up (!) and this time we want Steps to represent the UK in Eurovision! (Is there a petition? where do I sign for this?)

According to one of the vocalists, Claire Richards, The pop group has already given a thought to Eurovision, but the singer didn’t give us more hints on whether they think about participating next year or not.

The singer said that we will not be able to know whether the UK will win the Eurovision for sure unless someone like Ed Sheeran or Adele enters. At the same time, the group is collaborating with international stars, like Michelle Visage, getting prepared for a massive UK tour and the release of their next album this September. Why wait for anyone else to snatch the trophy? Aren’t the Steps a good chance for the UK to get back in the competition and “Bring it home” for the first time since 1997?

Even though the Steps have been considered cheesy and bubblegum pop in the past, their 25-year-presence has proven their worth. The audience loves them, and we can’t wait for more of their music.

As Claire says, “I think Steps are timeless”.

C’mon BBC, make the right ‘Steps’.

Source: Dailyrecord
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