Vaccine Hallelujah! Mr. Lordi got fully vaccinated against covid

Mr. Lordi took his second covid-vaccine in Rovaniemi, Finland.  The lead singer of the band Lordi and 2006 Eurovision winner got fully vaccinated in a public event.  The aim of this public event was to encourage more people to get their two doses of the vaccine.

Mr. Lordi was not the only Finnish celebrity participating in this campaign.  Santa Claus also announced that (due to his age) he had taken the second shot of the covid vaccine.  According to Markku Broas, Chief Physician of Infectious Diseases of the Lapland Hospital District (LSHP) the event was a success.  The number of people who attended the event to get their vaccine, in particular young people increased after the event.

They put a big needle in my arm, and that’s exactly why I came here. This was my second vaccine dose

Mr. Lordi also reflected on the effects of the pandemic.  Because of the ongoing pandemic Mr. Lordi “can no longer recall” how many times his band had to postpone or cancel tour dates.  However, he has been productive during this time.

Lordi has been working in Rovaniemi, Finland.  The Eurovision winners have recorded seven albums during the epidemic.

Source: Yle

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