Bulgaria:Is Intelligent Music Project officially the act for Eurovision 2022?

Belgium might be the first country to officialy reveal their artist tomorrow morning, more details here, however, Bulgaria might just took the lead from them. The website of national radio published an interview with the rock band “Intelligent Music Project” in which they revealed that they will represent Bulgaria in the upcoming Eurovision in Italy. The article might have Eurovision as an hyperlink but it does not share any more information.

The rock band said in the interview that there is no official statement and they are about to sign with BNT the next few weeks. They also mentioned that they want to have an international team behind the song so as to get voted from many countries.

You can read the article here.

A few words for IMP

Fans of rock music probably know Ronnie Romero who, together with Tony Hernando, gave birth to “Lords of Black” in 2014. The next year, together with Ritchie Blackmofre, they revived the legendary group “Rainbow”.However, many people do not know the existence of Miren Vrabevski. Miren is a composer, songwritter, singer and the one who created Intelligent Music Project. IMP is a rock band who has cooperated with many big names of the rock scene.

After the huge success of their fifth album called “Life Motion”, IMP has already started preparing their sixth album called “The Creation”. Their lead singer this time is Romero who has gave life to their latest songs “Life Motion” and “Everytime” with his huge range.

Do you think this a great choice for Bulgaria this year? Let us know in the comments!

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