Cyprus: With Michalis Hatzigiannis and… at Eurovision 2022?

For the silence that prevails this year in Aphrodite’s island regarding the next entry of RIK in Eurovision 2022 we have written in our previous articles. For this reason and with great caution we convey the latest information that has reached our ears, since nothing is yet considered certain.

Panik Records and Michalis Hatzigiannis join forces

Perhaps the only thing we should take for granted is that for another year the Cypriot public television will cooperate with the record company PANIK Records, continuing the cooperation they have had since 2018, with the sole exception of 2019 with Tamta, which belongs to MINOS.

What we have heard and we convey to you, we emphasize again with caution, is that a proposal was made to the popular Cypriot singer and songwriter Michalis Hatzigiannis to be the composer of the next Cypriot song in the contest.

We remind you that shortly after the end of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, he had stated that he was in favor of Eurovision and did not rule out a new participation in it.

Our life has taught us “never say never”, but it is not something I have in my mind immediately. I lived it, of course it does not mean that you can not do it again, but I have nothing else to tell you. I never say no…

Very soon and immediately after the end of his summer tour, Michalis Hatzigiannis will give his answer to PANIK Records and RIK.

Michalis Hatzigiannis represented his homeland at Eurovision 1999 with the song Genesis, occupying the eleventh place.

Tania Breazou for Cyprus in Eurovision 2022?

But who will be the performer, since the above scenario involves Michalis Hatzigiannis, only as a creator. According to our information, the thoughts of PANIK Records, but also of RIK are Tania Breazou, who a few months ago was the winner of the ANT1 disguise show, Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Obviously, if this collaboration succeeds, the song that Tania Breazou will be invited to perform at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Cyprus, will be a ballad. This will be the first time after 2015 that Cyprus will participate in the competition with a song by a Cypriot composer.

Tania Breazou in almost every interview states that Eurovision is a dream for her. In the summer she once again expressed her interest:

I have been watching Eurovision since I was little. I always sat in front of the TV and watched all the songs with admiration. I have imagined myself singing at Eurovision. So you understand that I am interested…. Good song, good production and directing and good team are among the key things that would make me accept such a proposal.

Below you can listen to the latest song released by Tania Breazou with PANIK Records:

Would you like to see Tania Breazou represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2022?

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