Greece: First details of the candidate songs for Eurovision 2022!

ERT started the procedures for the selection of its participation in Eurovision 2022 very early and already various “valid” information are mushrooming left and right for the candidacies that have leaked to the media. Most of them, of course, are far from reality, so we will try to enlighten you so that you have a first idea of the proposals of the artists who will claim the Greek representation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest!

Good Job Nicky

Despite what was said on a morning show, Good Job Nicky’s song is not one of his albums to be released (the release time will depend on whether he is selected for the contest or not). The song he is going to propose to ERT has been ready since the summer and he has been working on this project for the last few months. This is a mid tempo, cinematic, we would say a piece, which is signed by him, but also by Hermes Geragidis. His record company COBALT these days holds its last meetings, before going up to the radio house of Agia Paraskevi. Elias Kokotos and Fokas Evangelinos will take an active part in his participation, since of course he will be the chosen one of ERT.


Kalomira, as we informed you in our previous article, has already paid a visit to the offices of ERT. She is in the song search phase and we say songs because her intention is to submit more than one candidate song. It will probably have foreign creators, but without excluding a domestic creator. As the artistic director of her participation, if of course she is chosen, we will probably see Sacha Jean Baptiste. Although we do not know more details about the style of her songs, we expect something dance and pop.

Amanda Georgiadi (Tenfjord)

The Greek expatriate from Norway is also preparing the final touches of her participation. This is a big ballad, with simplicity, but very emotional. She also does not write the song alone, but with her longtime collaborator. Although she originally had three nominee songs, she came up with this, considering it to be the most suitable for the competition. Elias Kokotos and Fokas Evangelinos will also assist her participation, since this is ultimately ERT’s choice.


The song about Evangelia already exists and is exactly in the style and sounds that she has become accustomed to in her previous works. We do not know more details about her candidacy, nor with whom she is going to collaborate, nor who the creators are, although it is very likely that she is one of those who has already collaborated.

Elias Kozas

To everyone’s surprise, Elias Koza’s candidacy is with English and not Greek songs, since he will also submit more than one song. It is in rock color, something that he also serves in his latest works, both as a solo artist and with Koza Mostra.

Other candidates

Joanne herself in an interview yesterday talked about the song she would like in order to participate in Eurovision. He mentioned an upbeat, modern pop song, something we imagine will be close to what he will suggest.

For Konstantinos Christoforou, we continue to have our doubts that he will eventually enter the process, since according to our information, MINOS EMI will only propose Joanne.

These at the moment, without of course all the above meaning that they will be the only ones who will submit a candidacy to ERT, since the two weeks remaining for the expiration of the deadline that exists for those interested is an important time.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022!

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