Greece: is Ilias Kozas preparing for a possible return in Eurovision 2022?

The last few days have been a bless for Greek eurofans since ERT has been already preparing the Greek entry for this year’s edition. Since the channel’s announcement that the 1st of October will be the deadline for all artists to submit their proposal, numerous names have been on the table.

Eurovisionfun has some exclusive news to share: Ilias Kozas, the lead singer of Koza Mostra, is thinking about sending a song to ERT for this year’s concert. In a quick talk with the singer he mentioned that although there is no possibility for the group to do a comeback this year, there is still a chance for him to send an entry as a solo artist.

Koza Mostra made a great success back in 2013 and achieved the sixth place, which was the last time Greece made it in the top ten before Stefania  achieving it also this year. Although the group is still in active, Ilias has exposed his desire to publish some solo tracks also.

With this statement, the number of artists who have expressed their interest for this year contest is four, among with Kalomoira, Amanda and Good Job Nicky.

Could he bring a top ten result for Greece again this year? Let us know your opinion!

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