Ireland 2022: RTÉ opens submissions for their national final

Ireland is the nation with the most number of victories in Eurovision.  However, its most recent results have been far from ideal.  Irish two most recent representatives both ended last in their semifinals.  The country has thus decided to change their selection method for Eurovision 2022.  RTÉ announced Ireland will select their representative through a national final.  This will be the first time since 2015 that Ireland has a national final for Eurovision.

The announcement took place in The Late Late Show.  RTÉ has opened a submission form inviting songwriters and performers to send their tracks.  The songs have to comply with the EBU rules for the Eurovision Song Contest.  After the submission phase ends, a committee of experts will chose the national finalists.  The national final will take place in The Late Late Show.

Although the application phase is open to anyone RTÉ has made it clear it prefers to have “accomplished songwriters with a proven track record of success in the music industry” in their national selection.

“Although we wish to encourage and identify promising new talent for the future, this is probably not an opportunity for beginners or people with limited or no experience of performing in public to large crowds”. RTÉ


Lesley Roy represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 held in 2021 with the song Maps.  She failed to qualify to the Grand Final.

Do you think a national final will change Ireland’s fate in Eurovision?

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