Poland: TVP opens submissions for internal selection!

Poland starts the process of selecting the artist who will represent her at Eurovision 2022 and wants to put an end to the negative streak of three non-qualifications in the last three contests and return to the final for the first time since 2017, and Kasia Moś.

Polish broadcaster, TVP, will follow the same recipe for a second consecutive year and third in the last four years. As it happened last year, so this year, the singer who will compete in the 66th Eurovision will emerge through internal selection.

Both the song and the artist will be selected by internal selection, with TVP executives aiming to a return in the Grand Final and positive results. Let’s not forget that the state of Eastern Europe has only three placements in the Top 10 in 24 entries.

In today’s announcement, TVP called on all interested parties to submit their proposals for the representation of Poland next May in Italy. Those interested have a deadline of two months until 22:00 on the night of November 20 to send an email to eurowizja@tvp.pl and submit their proposal.

The artist who will represent Poland at Eurovision 2022 will be announced on January 2, as typically mentioned in the regulations published by TVP.

Poland was represented in Rotterdam by Rafal, with the song The Ride, but failed to qualify for the final. His choice was a bit of a last minute, as Polish public television had taken over the organization of Junior Eurovision 2020 and had turned all its attention there.

Let’s see if the fact that for 2022 the search for their participation in the competition will start early, will bring a better result.

Source: TVP


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