San Marino: All the details of their national final!

After two years of qualification, San Marino is ready to make a huge national final to increase their qualification rate even more. Their national final comes with the name “Una Voche per San Marino” and it is about to start on December for a couple of months. The last time the country chose to make a national final was in 2018.

Here is the full program of “Una Voche per San Marino”:

  • The festival will have both “Emerging” artists and “Established” artists.
  • Registration will open this Wednesday and its open until 10 January 2022.
  • The academy and casting will be at the Titano Theater in San Marino. Two-day sessions will be held between 13 December-19 December and 5 January- 11 January.
  • Semi-finals and final of “emerging” artists will be held in Titano Theater in February 2022. The final will be live broadcast on RTV San Marino.
  • Numbers 1-9 from the “emerging artists” will access at the Grand Final of the festival, which will take place on 19 February 2022 in Teatro Nuovo Dogana in San Marino, with a capacity of 365 seats.
  • For the “established” artists, there will be no selections. Instead, Media Solution SLR, one of the organizers, will invite nine artists. These artists are no bound to nationality.
  • The nine Bigs selected, just as the competitors of the Emerging Category identified by the Final, will be able to freely choose the piece to be interpreted at the Grand Final.
  • The Grand Final on 19 February will therefore see nine “emerging” artists(casting/academy-> Semi-Finals->Final) and nine “established” artists (Media Solution SLR choice). All 18 participants are free to choose what they want to perform.
  • The winner of the show will be decided by a qualified jury. Also, second and third place will be prized
  • The new festival is a collective effort between Media Evolution Srl, the Ministry of Tourism and SMRTV (San Marino RTV).
  • If somebody wants to take part, he can submit his entry here.

You can watch the press conference in the video below:

San Marino is stepping their game up and gives a chance for both newcomers and also renowned artists to represent them in Eurovision 2022.

Last year, the country achieved a world famous artist, FloRida, to join Senhit on the Eurovision stage with “Adrenalina” but only managed to get 22nd place with 50 points.

Do you think national final is a better choice for San Marino?

Source: RTV San Marino

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