Will Ladilla Rusa represent Spain at Eurovision?

Ladilla Rusa (Spanish for Russian pubic louse) are a music duo.  They want to represent Spain in Eurovision 2022 and have already written their song.  Although the band started as a comedy act, they are taking this participation very seriously.  In August 5, Tania Lozano from Ladilla Rusa took Twitter to announce her group had just “written a hit for Eurovision”.  They even captioned their video stating “this is not a joke”.

If Ladilla Rusa wants to represent Spain in Italy, their song has to compete at the Benidorm Festival.  RTVE decided to bring back the Benidorm Festival as their national selection.


Who Are Ladilla Rusa?

Tania Lozano and Víctor Clares make Ladilla Rusa.  They are both journalists and created the group initially “as a joke”.  However, they continued their project after a positive reception from the public.  Their songs have been viral on Spotify in their home country.  Not only that, they already have more than 58000 subscribers on YouTube.

The music duo mixes electropop with traditional music.  Their lyrics are satirical and talk about trivial subjects such as partying or having a hangover but they also have elements of social critique in their work.

Ladilla Rusa is not completely strange to Eurovision.  They recently collaborated with Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014) in their single Todos los días lo mismo

Do you think Ladilla Rusa would give Spain a good result in Eurovision? Let us know in the comments

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