Cyprus: The scenario “Kalomira” seems to fade out!

As it has already become known in the last few days, Kalomira did not submit to ERT the long-awaited participation for the Eurovision 2022 competition! However, according to recent reports, Kalomira’s team was considering the scenario of the favorite singer being on the stage of the competition with the colors of Cyprus for the second time.


However, according to today’s report of SKAI‘s morning show “Love it”, this scenario seems to be moving away. Specifically, a journalist of the show stated:

Kalomira approached  RIK, to give there the song she prepared with Mohombi and Claydee! However, RIK decided after years to put a Cypriot color in their participation and to have a Cypriot artist as a composer! In recent years, foreign composers have been participating with Cyprus and the artists have come from Greece and this has created reactions.

According to this information, Kalomira does not seem to have agreed with RIK, refuting the reports that have been circulating on the internet in recent days.

Finally, in the show they mentioned the fact that it will not be a surprise to see Cypriot artists of great scope undertake the composition of the Cypriot participation!

It seems that this year we will be late to find out who will be the 38th representative of the island of Aphrodite, in contrast to previous years. What do you think? Will we see a Cypriot artist representing Cyprus this year?

Stay tuned to to learn all the news about Cyprus and other countries on the trip to Turin!

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