Evangelia claims (addition to the Greek), the Cypriot representation in Eurovision 2022!

You did not read wrong, as revealed by the Sunday Mail, which hosts statements by Evangelia, the young singer is claiming in addition to the Greek and Cypriot representation at Eurovision 2022, since she will submit (if she has not already submitted) some of the songs she has prepared at RICK!

This development comes shortly before the expiration of the deadline given by ERT to the record companies, production companies, performers and creators, who wish to represent Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite the fact that she has not yet sent her proposal to ERT, according to our reliable information, the Sunday Mail reveals that Evangelia is now among the possible representatives of Cyprus.

Cyprus is known for its cultural diversity, but there is one common denominator and that is music. I share the same feeling!


It remains unknown whether Evangelia will finally submit her proposal to ERT or will focus on claiming the Cypriot representation. However, in recent interviews, she had outlined the songs she had in mind for the contest, saying that they will have a strong Greek element, in the pattern of the songs she has already released.

If, of course, Evangelia actually submits a candidacy in both countries, a paradox arises with the reaction of both ERT and RIK unknown. We will follow the issue and inform you!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments related to our favorite contest!

Source: Sunday Mail
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