Finland: Robin is considering Eurovision participation

He is one of the biggest teen pop superstars in Finland.  For years fans have hoped to see him representing his home country in Eurovision.  And they may finally see their wish come true.  Born in Turku, Finland Robin Packalen started his music career when he was only 10.  After several successful pop albums in Finnish, he is trying to enter the international music industry singing in English.

Robin is currently promoting his new EP Rest In Beat PM.

In an interview for public broadcaster Yle, Robin talked about his recent career.  He talked about how the last few months have been difficult for him because of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.  Robin was preparing to enter the international market.  He released his first English track I’ll be with you in 2019.  However, his first studio album and tour planned for 2020 were suspended until very recently.  Currently he and his team have tried to enter the Asian music market.  They focused their efforts in particular in China and South Korea.  He already collaborated with K-pop singer Saay.  A collaboration with Swedish pop singer Darin (a potential Melodifestivalen 2022 hopeful) is on the table.

Moreover, Robin told that he has started seriously considering a Eurovision participation.

For the last ten years, I’ve been saying no to Eurovision. However, it is starting to look like a credible option. It’s under consideration


It is very likely that if Finnish public broadcaster wants Robin to wave the Finnish flag in Turin, they will have to internally select him.  That was Yle’s preferred option in 2018 and 2019 when Finland internally select Finnish superstars Saara Aalto and Darude.

You can watch Robin’s latest single Rest In Beat in the link embedded below

Would you like to see Robin representing Finland in Eurovision?  Stay tuned for more news about UMK 2022

Source: Yle

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