Greece: Artemis Matafia: Kostas Karafotis embraced our effort!

Artemis Matafia gave an interview to the greek TV-show “Super Katerina”, regarding her effort to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin saying that she submitted two songs to ERT with English lyrics. She specifically stated:

We have submitted two songs to ERT for Eurovision 2022 in Italy. We made the decision when the announcement came out from ERT, that it accepts songs from artists for the contest . The songs are written in English but both of them have a small Greek element, which is goint to be a surprise.

At the same time, she talked about the involvement of the greek singer Kostas Karafotis.

I was looking for a production company to support our songs, as I did not have any. When Kostas listened to our songs, he really supported our efforts. Kostas leads the representation of our effort.

Kostas himself confirmed that in his interview to the same show:

I am really interested in Eurovision and helping Artemis with the submission of the song. The moment I found out which is the team behind the song, I immediately thought, “I am in”.[…] I can’t say too many things, but it’s not a ballad. The lyrics of the song send a really nice message though.

Regarding the other entries and specifically the good job nicky’s one, he stated:

Why not? I am fan of his music and the way he approaches things. What I am most interested in however, is for a good song to represent Greece.

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