Greece: Constantinos Christoforou speaks to Europhoria, about his song for Eurovision 2022!

Last Saturday, Constantinos Christoforou was a guest on CyBC’s radio show Europhoria, hosted by Melina Karageorgiou. Among other things, he gave more details about the song with which he claims the Greek representation for Eurovision 2022!

Memories of the previous three entries

Constantinos Christoforou, who twice represented as a solo (1996 and 2005) and once with the band ONE (2002) his homeland, talked about all three of his previous participations, while of course he commented on his effort this year to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest for a fourth time, this time with the Greek colors.

About 1996 and “Mono Yia Emas“, which he described it as his favorite of his three entries, he stated that it was essentially the occasion for the beginning of his career, since he had the opportunity to introduce himself to such a large audience.

1996 was followed by “Gimme” and the participation with ONE in 2002. Constantinos reveals that the second candidate song was “Matia Mou“, with English lyrics, which was included in their album that was released later. He considers the sixth place an injustice one, since everyone believed that they would be at least in the Top 3.

Making his self-criticism for 2005, Constantinos Christoforou comments that perhaps the choice of “Ela Ela” was wrong, since in now he believes that the song She’s No Fool, written by Mike Connaris, would have achieved a better result, as it was very ahead of its time.

In fact, Constantinos Christoforou does not hesitate to say that RIK should have made an internal choice then and chosen this song, without holding a national final with the participation of the public, who voted in the vast majority of “Ela Ela“.

The song he submitted to ERT for Eurovision 2022

Melina Karageorgiou asked Constantinos Christoforou about the song he submitted to ERT, for the internal selection of the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022.

It’s a song I love very much. It is a ballad. A Mediterranean ballad, not ethnic, Mediterranean… There are two versions. One in Greek and English and one in Italian, which I love as a language despite not speaking it. The Greek lyrics are by Gioula Georgiou, the English are by Stefanos, my brother, the Italian ones are a surprise, you will see it when I release it.

Constantinos Christoforou states that it was a decision of his record label (MINOS EMI), to send the song to ERT for Eurovision, something of course that he immediately agreed with. All he asked was that they not bother him about anything other than telling him the result of the internal choice.

The above practically means that Constantinos Christoforou was not positive either in the participation in a national final, fully confirming everything we told you, for the refusal of most of the 25 artists participating in the ERT process to compete in an open television national final.

Concluding his interview with Europhoria, Constantinos Christoforou states that he will not speak publicly again about the effort to claim Greek participation in Eurovision 2022, since his decision is to keep a low profile, simply talking with his work, when and if needed.

You can listen the interview HERE (In Greek).

Would you like to see Konstantinos Christophorou representing Greece in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest?

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