Greece: Good Job Nicky submitted his proposal to ERT! EXCLUSIVE

It is a fact that Nikolas Varthakouris or as he is artistically known – Good Job Nicky, recently submitted his complete proposal to ERT, officially claiming the Greek representation at Eurovision 2022.

Through Eurovisionfun you first read, on May 29, just a few days after the final of the previous contest, that Good Job Nicky is interested in raising the Greek colors at Eurovision 2022. During the summer we fully confirmed that the young artist is preparing a song, in order to submit it to ERT. On September 24, you first read here some first information about his song, that it is a mid-tempo, cinematic piece, that fits perfectly in the special voice of Nikolas.

We are now able to confirm that the record company Cobalt, which represents the artist, submitted its proposal to ERT earlier for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

This proposal includes Good Job Nicky as a singer, with a song by Hermes Geragidis, with which Good Job Nicky collaborates throughout his artistic career. Fokas Evangelinos will be in charge of directing if he is selected. Elias Kokotos, project manager of all Dream Team entries, will also play an active role in the Good Job Nicky’ s effort.

According to our reliable information, more than ten proposals of artists have already been submitted, some of which have more than one song.

In the next few days that remain for the expiration of the deadline (October 10), we expect the submission of the proposals of the other artists who in the previous period expressed interest, in order to represent Greece in Eurovision 2022.

Would you like to see Good Job Nicky representing Greece at Eurovision 2022? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun, for all the developments regarding the Greek participation in Eurovision 2022!

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