Greece: Ilias Kozas submitted his proposals to ERT!

An other artist, who is feverishly working his own proposal, is Ilias Kozas. This time as a solo artist, he will try to get on the Eurovision stage for a second time after 2013 in Malmö Sweden, where he ended up in 6th place alongside with Koza Mostra and Agathonas Iakovidis.

It comes out as a surprise the fact that Ilias Kozas has submitted three songs, all of them with English lyrics and not with Greek. His proposed entries are of rock style, a genre he has served in his recent work both as solo artist and together with Koza Mostra band.

With an already good “previous service” at the contest, having been the last Greek entry that has finished in top 10 before Stefania brought the nation back to it this year, do you thing that ERT will give him the green light to represent the Greek colours once more in Turin in 2022?

Below you can watch his maiden participation in 2013 with Alcohol is Free!! 

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