Greece: Kalomira did not finally submit her proposal!

A few minutes ago, ERT’s deadline for submitting entries for Eurovision 2022 expired. As you had the opportunity to find out through our website all the previous days, Kalomira did not finally submit her proposal for the Greek representation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

Kalomira is, after all, the only artist from all those who were heard in the previous period who did not transform her interest into action. Despite the fact that in the previous days she was in the studio, recording with important creators, such as Mohombi, Claydee Loupa and Anderz Wrethow, she did not send her proposal until midnight on Sunday (10/10), so that she could also claim it. the ticket to Turin next May.

What were the reasons for this unexpected decision of Kalomira, no one knows. In an article by OK a few minutes ago, it seems that Kalomira was expecting a direct assignment and that is why she may not have finally submitted her proposals.

It now remains to be seen when and if Kalomira will finally release the songs she has already recorded – it is said that they are six or seven tracks – to see if ERT should, as many have said, proceed with a direct assignment with a guaranteed product that has been unforgettable to the Eurofans with her inexhaustible energy, her original spontaneity and her brilliant stage presence.

The above is another proof for all those who insist that ERT does not hold a national final. So for the last time and we hope everyone understands, none of the well-known candidates wanted to participate in a national final!

The most important is that the participation of artists and record labels was much higher than ERT expected and despite the absence of Kalomira, the competent committee that will undertake the final selection will have a difficult task, since the level is very high, with the people of Greek public television to comment that this is the highest level Greek selection of all time, something of course that fills the ERT team dealing with the project with smiles, confirming their strategy and choices.

In the coming days of course we will inform you about everything that will follow, stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments!

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