Malta: Submissions open for Eurovision 2022!

“Malta Eurovision Song Contest” is back for 2022 and the submissions are already open and it will be until the 15th of December. Artists can find the proclamation here.

TVM has announced that the country will use MESC for 2022 edition and not X-Factor, as they did the previous years. The winners of X-Factor, Micaela and Destiny, however, have accomplished both a good result for the country.

As you can read in the official channel’s annoucement, MESC will have a semifinal with 22 songs and 16 of them will compete in the big grand final.

Malta has achieved the seventh place in Eurovision 2021 with Destiny and “Je Me Casse” bringing the country in the top ten after eight years.

Do you think that MESC is a better choice than X-Factor? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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