Bulgaria: Intention’s release on December 7th!

Contrary to what we have been accustomed to in recent years, Bulgarian public television is very likely to be the first to announce its song for Eurovision 2022.

Earlier, BNT made public what was leaked months ago, that the rock band Intelligent Music Project will represent the Balkan country in Turin. With them will be Ronnie Romero as a singer, but also drummer Stoyan Yankoulov, who in 2007 and 2013 represented Bulgaria, along with Elitsa.

The changes that have taken place in the team working on the Eurovision project in Bulgaria are obvious. Apart from the different artistic approach that BNT follows this year, choosing an experienced rock band, in contrast with the young artists who represented the country in previous years, we also have a different way of presenting the song.

Through Twitter the Bulgarian public television stated that this year we will not wait long to hear their participation (which was traditionally one of the last to be released). As a Christmas present to all fans, Intention as their song is titled, will be released on December 7th, along with its video!


This will be the 14th participation of Bulgaria in the competition, which so far their best result is a second place, in 2017 with Kristian Kostov and Beautiful Mess. In Rotterdam, the country was represented by Victoria, with Growing Up Is Getting Old, finishing in eleventh place.

What do you think will be the fate of the Intelligent Music Project in Turin?

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