Greece: First details of Lou Is’ entry for Eurovision 2022! EXCLUSIVE

Just an hour ago ERT has published the five names that stood out of the first process for Eurovision 2022 and Lou Is is among them.

Lou Is has been collaborated with many big names in Greece like Giannis Kotsiras, Dimitra Galani, Eleni Vitali, Foivos Delivorias and many others. In 2021 she has decided to make a statements with her sound. Her song “In the Rain” is the first track she has published with her company The Hubsters: songs full of melodies, nice backing vocals, strong chorus and clear instrunment.

Lou Is talked exclusively in our team for her proposal for Eurovision and more gave us more details of her song:

“During the first lockdown, I wrote a song and after many experiments it turned out as a dance, dynamic and very optimistic, even though this wasn’t the subject of the song. Many collaborators of mine have spontaneously told me that this one is ready for Eurovision and that’s how we decided to send it to ERT. 

The lyrics and the music are written by me. The production is pop-disco with some instrumental details and the lyrics are narrating a story.

It was a suprise for me to write something so different and outgoing compared to what I used to write”

Lou Is

Could this disco-pop entry be the one that ERT will choose for Greece in May? Stay tuned for all the latest details in Eurovisionfun!

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