Greece: Three uptempo and two ballads in the final selection phase!

With the names of the five artists who continue to claim the Greek representation in Eurovision 2022 known, the weight of interest is now focused on their songs, but also in general on the other details of their proposals.

Among five different songs, the final choice of ERT

It was said several times yesterday through studio 4, that the final selection of the jury is difficult, this is something that is true, what is definitely not true and we read it in many comments yesterday, is that the five candidate songs are all in the same style and in fact referred to as alternative ballads.

So among the five nominated songs there are only two ballads (by Good Job Nicky and Amanda), which have no special relationship with each other. The other three songs are uptempo but again without having much to do with each other, since there is one more disco entry, one more poprock and only one that could really be classified as the most alternative style of songs.

Big Greek interest for the announcements

The interest of the Greeks for Eurovision proved to be lively once again, since Studio 4 managed to trend on Twitter yesterday, perhaps for the first time, while the relevant trend of Eurovision 2022 is high and today among Twitter users in the country.

Next week the members of the jury will meet the five artists with their teams at the ERT headquartes, in order to discuss all the details of their proposal. After that the expert jury will come up with the one who will represent Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun, for complete and valid information about the Greek participation in Eurovision 2022!


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