Lithuania: The Roop back at Eurovision?

The possibility is left open for The Roop to participate again in the Eurovision song contest, in its upcoming edition, next May in Turin. The band, which reached the eighth place in Rotterdam, in today’s interview on the country’s public television turned a blind eye to a new participation.

Earlier they released a new song, putting in the title and description Eurovision 2022. The Roop did not answer if this is joke or if it will be their participation in the national final.

Lithuania for another year will choose its participation and its representative through the national final, which it calls “Pabandom iš naujo” (“Let’s try again”). The deadline for applications was November 25.

Up to 36 contestants, who will be selected to participate, will be given financial support (up to 54,000 euros in total), for the production of the songs and the stage appearance of their participation.

Pabandom iš naujo will start at the beginning of January and depending on the number of participants will consist of up to 6 shows (3 preliminary stages, 2 semifinals and a grand final). It is not yet known whether an audience will be allowed to attend.

Lithuania finished 8th at Eurovision 2021, with The Roop and Discoteque, which is the second best place the country has won in competition history, after LT United 6th in 2006 with We Are The Winners .

Would you like to see The Roop represent Lithuania with Ohmygodable?

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