Greece: Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord will represent the country at Eurovision 2022!

Through Studio 4 on ERT1, the long-awaited revelation of the name of the artist who will raise the Greek flag in May in Turin took place a while ago. The announcement was made by Greece’s representative at Eurovision 2021, Stefania, live from the Netherlands.

The 24-year-old Greek-Norwegian Amanda Georgiadis, or Amanda Tenfjord as she is artistically known, whom we first presented to you as our possible representative on June 7, 2021, was announced officialy as the Greek represantative in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest which is going to be held in Turin, Italy. On the stage of Pala Alpitour she will perform a ballad written by her in lyrics and music, under the direction of Fokas Evangelinos, while the project manager of the project will be Ilias Kokotos.

ERT’s artistic committee evaluated the proposals of 25 artists and singled out the top five artists, who had private meetings at the ERT’s headquarters with the committee and the management of Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. After these meetings, where the candidates presented more details (stage appearance, song promotion, video clip designs, etc.), the competent committee considered Amanda’s proposal to be more complete, taking into account first the song, but also the above important factors.

The committee consisted of the following:

  • Dimitris Papadimitriou, composer – President
  • Maria Kozakou, Director of the Second Program of the NRA, commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Fotis Apergis, director of ERT radio
  • Peter Adam, music producer
  • Giannis Petridis, music producer
  • Konstantinos Bourounis, head of ERT’s youth program
  • Leonidas Antonopoulos, Journalist & music producer

Amanda’s Proposal

Her proposal includes a song, which as you read in our previous articles, is an inner ballad, written by her, that leads the listener to an explosion of emotions. The song was written after her separation, with a long-term relationship.

It was a painful separation and my feelings were extreme. When I was writing it, of course, I did not have in mind the Eurovision Song Contest, but when the idea came to me to take part in the Greek selection, everyone who listened to this song told me that this would be an ideal participation for both my country and me.


The producer and orchestrator of the song is Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter, a Norwegian musician with several important collaborations to his credit.

The feeling caused by Amanda’s melody and interpretation is so intense that I wanted the approach to production to be as abstract as possible. I used a vocoder, something that makes the song very special without losing its sensitivity. The orchestration of the song has been built around Amanda’s voice so that her unique tone is not lost.

Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter

Fokas Evangelinos, who strongly believes in her participation, will take over her stage appearance in Turin, if of course she is selected.

From the first moment I saw Amanda and heard her song, I felt that she has this unique and special thing that the Eurovision contest demands. Amanda herself has a special beauty and a charm that attracts you from the first moment you see her, while her song creates strong emotions that can lead to a very special scene. presence that will make her stand out.

Fokas Evangelinos

The director of the video clip of the song will be Kostas Karydas, the same director who took over Stefania. The successful director gives us a small hint, for the result we will see, in case Amanda is the final choice of ERT.

I find the song excellent and Amanda a girl with very special beauty. The track has a strong introversion and I think that cinematically I have to move in the opposite direction to have a very interesting result. Because I recognize that in the Eurovision Song Contest the ethnic elements in the music of the songs are obsolete, we will try to include the Greek element in the video clip, as we did last year with Stefania.

Kostas Karydas

Project Manager of the whole effort will be Ilias Kokotos, through whom Amanda was approached by ERT. We remind you that Ilias Kokotos, project manager of all Dream Team participations in the competition, was the one who proposed Stefania to ERT in the fall of 2019.

Who Is Who

Amanda Georgiadis, 24, was born in Oslo but lived the first years of her life in Ioannina, where she visits every summer as her family maintains a home in the area.

At the age of 3, her parents decide to move to the small town of Tenfjord in Norway. At the age of 5 she started taking piano lessons and became an amateur musician, writing her first songs as a teenager. At the age of 18 she began her studies in medicine, while at the same time taking part in various festivals. 

She released her first EP, “First impression” under the stage name Amanda Tenfjord, from the city from which she grew up and received excellent reviews. Her second EP includes the song “Then I fell in love” which is a great radio success, remaining for over 20 weeks in the official top 10 radio chart of Norway. In 2020 Netflix includes the song “Troubled Water” in the series “Spinning out”.


Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun, for all the developments regarding the Greek participation in Eurovision 2022!


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