Odds: Spectacular drop in Russia’s odds in a few hours!

Although it’s too early to base bets and odds on the Eurovision winner, a frantic drop in Russian odds in the last few hours has prompted us to write this article.

Russia with power at the top

As usual at the beginning of each Eurovision season, when there is still no specific information about the participants, but not many songs, the countries leading the betting race are Sweden, Italy, Russia and the countries in general that last year did well in the competition.

The same was true of the odds for the winner of Eurovision 2022, where in first place we had Sweden, followed by Norway, Italy, France and Russia, with very small differences between them.

In the last few hours, however, Russia has dropped its performance too much, overtaking not only in the first place, but with a big difference from the rest. Characteristically, as you can see below, Russia currently has a 14% chance of winning based on the odds (a large percentage for the time being), with Sweden now in second place with only 6%.


What is the reason for this sudden change?

Usually such a sudden change in odds for a country is justified either by the release of the song, or by the leak of some information that bookmakers consider very important.

Three artists are rumored so far to represent Russia at Eurovision 2022. These are Klava Koka, Alexander Panayotov and finally Diana Ankudinova. All of them are very big names in the Russian music scene.

As in previous years, RTR, which for 2022 is responsible for the selection of Russia to participate in the contest, is expected to work with the Dream Team, with the aim of course to bring the country higher than the ninth place that Manizha took in Rotterdam.

According to our exclusive information, so far the Russian public television has not reached the artist who will represent it next May in Turin, although the relevant discussions have begun.

We will follow with interest the evolution of the betting odds for Eurovision 2022, while of course at Eurovisionfun you will be informed about all the details of the Russian participation as soon as there is something to be announced…

Who will represent Russia at Eurovision 2022?

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