The Netherlands: AVROTROS announced participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with alt-pop artist S10!

A few minutes ago, the Dutch national broadcaster AVROTROS announced that Stien den Hollander, known by the stage name S10, will represent The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with a Dutch song.

S10 appeared at a YouTube video, practically announcing her participation at the contest representing The Netherlands, to the masses of eurofans:

It gives me courage.
Music is for me the most important thing there is.
For anyone who’s experienced the lows,
or the highs.
For those who dance in front of the mirror,
or prefer to stay out of the light.
I am S10.
And I am performing on behalf of the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest.

You can watch the video below:

Who is S10?

S10, 21 years old, is currently one of the leading alt-pop and rap artists in The Netherlands. She signed her first record deal with Noah’s Ark label at the age of 17. Subsequently, she released her debut album named “Snowsniper” in 2019, leading her to winning an “Edison Award”, the most prestigious Dutch award.

A second album release named “Vlinders” followed, the year after, in 2020 and also a sold-out tour and multiple chart-topping singles.

S10 shares with her fans her most personal stories by spoken word, rapping and singing. For her, it is important that personal feelings and stories are conveyed to the public in her mother tongue. That means that she will sing in Dutch, as also announced by the Dutch broadcaster.

She has collaborations with some of the biggest names in The Netherlands, reaching millions of streams on all major music streaming platforms and earning fabulous reviews, from music critics.

S10 said of her selection:

Music is everything to me. I hope my music can bring something to other people’s lives, simply because it has done so much for me. Which is why I could almost explode with joy at the idea that I’ll be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. In front of such a massive audience, being able to do something that’s such an honour while representing the Netherlands… I think it’s absolutely wonderful.

Eric van Stade, general manager of AVROTROS, added on behalf of the selection comeetee:

S10’s song displays guts and authenticity. While normally we don’t reveal anything at this stage beyond the artist’s name, this time I dare to make an exception. S10 remains true to herself and her unique style. This means that, having selected English-language entries for the last 11 years, we’re now sending a Dutch song to the Eurovision Song Contest. We’re sticking our necks out with this choice, which the selection committee is behind unanimously. It promises to be another very special edition for the Netherlands.

More details will be revealed soon.

Below, you can find some of her already released songs:

What do you think of S10, as the Dutch selection? Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments related to the Dutch entry for Eurovision 2022!


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