Armenia: Here’s some exclusive information about the internal selection!

Armenia returns to the Eurovision Song Contest this year, after being forced to abstain last year due to dramatic developments in Nagorno-Karabakh and after its recent victory at Junior Eurovision 2021. Three artists are in the run to represent the country in Turin, according to local media, with Eurovisionfun giving you more information.

The artists participating in the internal closed selection, which Armenia is holding for Eurovision 2022, will have to submit their candidate songs on the country’s public television by January 31st. Big favourites according to what is said in the media, but also according to our information are the winner of the New Wave Festival 2021 Saro Gevorgyan, the representative of Armenia in Eurovision 2020 that was cancelled Athena Manoukian and the drag queen Kamil!

Athena Manoukian 
Athena Manoukian, who lives and works in Greece, but is of Armenian descent from her father, has already submitted her song. According to our exclusive information, this is a song signed and written by the songwriters of El Diablo and it is quite reminiscent in style of Stromae’s Alors On Dense.

Saro Gevorgyan
Saro Gevorgyan is in the recording stage of his own participation. By the summer, Saro had hinted that after his victory at the New Wave Festival, the most important music event for the countries of Eastern Europe, he would try to represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Philipp Kirkorov even reinforced these rumors, saying that Saro should participate in Eurovision 2022.

The rumors are coming true, since after the meeting of the young artist with Dimitris Kontopoulos in Moscow a few days ago, now as mentioned in the local press, the song with which he will claim the ticket of Armenia to Turin is being recorded.

The song according to our information is a dynamic ballad, which highlights the range of Saro’s voice, with a melody that easily stays in the listener’s head.


Arsen Gryogoryan or the drag queen he plays, Kamil, may be the outsider, but they also claim to represent Armenia in the competition. In 2018, Kamil participated in Depi Evratesil, occupying the fourth place with the song Puerto Rico. Their participation is expected to be unconventional like all their songs.

Armenia participates in the second half of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2022, hoping to be in the final for the first time since 2017!

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