EXCLUSIVE: Why did ERT not hold a national final for Eurovision 2022?

It was a keen desire of most of the fans that ERT would be holding a national final giving the public the opportunity to choose the Greek representative for Eurovision 2022. What did occur and a national final never happened? What stopped the Greek national broadcaster’s administration from fullfilling an intention they indeed had?

Procedure beggins with no chance of a national final

As you might remember we had already informed you about ERT having a national final out of their plans, at least for this year. That was the information we had at this very point and this is the reason we were so definite about it. But let’s start from the beggining.

At early September ERT initiates the call for participations, giving that way officialy the opportunity to any artist, creator, company, records label who is interested submitting their suggestion. At that time, a national final was not even a thought. The reason is simple. No one expected the interest people showed, that got translated into entries, NOR the  high quality of the songs submitted.

On October 10th the deadline for the submitions is over and ERT now has to choose between more than 40 songs. The procedure has already been announced by Dimitris Papadimitriou. The jury members would hear the songs, rate them individually and the top 5 would be moving onto the second and final phase of the selection.

Thoughts about a TV show

At this point the ERT administratives start thinking about a possible national final, as they think they have 5 songs that could fit such a concept and hold a decent show. For that reason the head of delegation gets the permission to ask all the finalists whether they would be interested in such a show. Keep in mind that this was essential as the earliest ERT’s proclamation did not refer to that at all.

After communicating with all the 5 finalists (still not publically known), the HoD received 3 negative answers, 1 positive and 1 “maybe”. The doubts of the artists, and their labels, did mostly refer to the on-screen result, the televoting transparency, and their personal style that could possibly not fit to such an event.

ERT, however, kept on trying by suggesting a national final in which the jury vote would be more powerful than televoting, as happens in Romania or Malta. They also suggested the national final taking place on Kostis Maravegias’ show (“Dynata“), which is closer to the 5 finalists musical profile but even then the objections were not avoided.

One-way decision

Under the fear of people suddenly withdrawing, ERT decided to go on with the internal selection publishing the top 5 artists. Still wanting to somehow keep the public involved, they suggested assuming the production of their tracks and releasing them through their radio in order to get a feedback from the public before the commitee gets their final decision. The finalists and their labels did not accept that either, as they insisted on keeping the songs and releasing them the way they wanted to.

More or less this was the background of the previous months and we can now, almost a month after Amanda has officialy been announced as the Greek representative, reveal it to you.

What about the future?

We, as Eurovisionfun, are wondering whether the artists this year would bother submitting their entries if they had been aware of a national final from the start. Based on the previous facts, probably not.

The decision ERT has to take for the future is exactly what type of entries do they want. This question is already being discussed in ERT’s offices, while their goal is keeping the quality high while also keeping the public and eurofans involved to the selection. However a national final is not the only way to do so, and this is exactly what the greek delegation is lately working on.

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun for all the latest news regarding Greece’s participation in Eurovision 2022!

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