Italy: It’s official | Sanremo 2022 will have an audience!

Very pleasant and interesting news have just been brought to light by the host country of this year’s competition, Italy. As announced by the Italian authorities, the events at Teatro Ariston are considered the same as with any other theatrical show and thus the sale of tickets for the upcoming Sanremo festival is possible. This practically means that Sanremo 2022 will take place in the presence of the public, and of course with the provided security measures against the pandemic.

Preparations for Sanremo 2022 are progressing smoothly, with rehearsals already underway, the puzzle of the guests being completed slowly and any other pending issues being resolved. An important issue was whether the presence of the public would be possible at this year’s festival. Until now, italian law had banned music/concerts at Teatro Ariston. From January 12, however, these shows are equated with the other theatrical performances, which allow the presence of an audience. Hence RAI, without wasting any time, announced that from January 14, the online ticket sale will be possible.

A prerequisite for entering Teatro Ariston on the nights of the festival, however, apart from securing a ticket, will be having a super green pass, as it is called in Italy. This certificate is available only to those who have completed their vaccination against COVID-19 and less than six months have passed since then. That is, in case there is a longer period of six months from the completion of the vaccination, then the repeated dose is required for the renewal of the super green pass.

Although it is still too early, the measures taken by RAI for Sanremo, but also in general for all indoor spaces, means of transport, cafés, restaurants, etc., are very likely to apply during the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Those who wish to buy a ticket for Sanremo 2022 can do so, from 14/01, by clicking here.

Sanremo 2022 will take place from 1 to 5 February.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news regarding Sanremo 2022 and the italian representative for Eurovision 2022!

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