Italy: The co-hosts for Sanremo 2022 revealed!

The final countdown for Festival di Sanremo 2022 has started and the art director Amadeus reveals, as the firts week of February comes closer and closer, information about what we are going to see the five nights of the festival. A little while ago, he published the names of the five co-hosts that will accompany him each of the five nights.

  • Tuesday, 01/02: Ornella Muti, actress with long career in cinema and TV, well-known in Italy and internationally

  • Wednesday, 02/02: Lorena Cesarini, actress mostly known from the Italian series Suburra: Blood of Rome, which since its beginning back in 2017 has a great success in and out of Italy

  • Thursday, 03/02: Drusilla Foer, a made-up character/role and social media star created by the actress Gianluca Gori.

  • Friday, 04/02: Maria Chiar Giannetta, actress known for her leading role in the Italian series Blanca, that premiered in 2022

  • Saturday, 05/02: Sabrina Ferilli, theatre and cinema actress

Stay tuned in Eurovisionfun for new information regarding Sanremo 2022 and Italy’s participation in Eurovision 2022!


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