Italy: The first ratings of the journalists for the songs of Sanremo 2022!

A few hours ago, the well-established reviews of accredited journalists came to light, who are the first to listen to the entries of Sanremo every year and rate them.

As usual, this year too, the Sanremo festival will offer us a variety of genres, from ballads to rock, rap and disco rhythms, with ballads still dominating.

But who are the artists that the journalists think stood out most with the first listen? The @Sanremo_en twitter account collected the ratings of different Italian sites, the sum of which for each artist can be seen below:

The artists with the highest scores are:

  1. La rappresentante di lista (7.875)
  2. Dargen D’Amico (7.375)
  3. Elisa, Massimo Ranieri (7.3)
  4. Mahmood & Blanco (7.025)
  5. Rkomi (7)

Which of the entries do you have the highest expectations for? Tell us in the comments!

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