Moldova: Details about the live auditions “Audieri LIVE”!

A while ago the public broadcaster of Moldova, TVR, confirmed the way that the first round of the national final, Selecţia Naţională, will take place,  for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest

The live auditions, as we informed you in previous article, will take place in January 29, and will be broadcasted from the channel Moldova 2, as well as online and will last three hours from 13:00 to 16:00 CET.

The auditions “Audieri Live” will be evaluated from juries, with basic criteria the song, the vocal performance and not the staging, while the results will be announced on the evening news report of Moldova 1, at 18:00 CET.

The 28 competitors that will take part in the live auditions, after the withdrawal of Misscatylove and Intro due to travel restrictions from COVID-19, are:

  • Annet Smirnova
  • Denis Midone
  • Dianna Rotaru
  • Katy Ryan
  • Naminal
  • Ricky Ardezianu
  • Sasha Bognibov
  • The Tramps
  • Trio Eva
  • Y-Limit
  • Bumbac Tudor
  • Carolina Gorun & Danieli Shvets
  • Emilia Vlas
  • Lemonique
  • Marcela Scripcaru
  • Maxim Zavidia
  • Mihaela Andrei
  • Zdob și Zdub & Fratii Advahov
  • Lanjeron
  • Pelageya Stefoglo
  • Ana Cernicova
  • Angel Kiss
  • Diana Elmas
  • Ferum
  • Sendrei
  • Valeria Barbas
  • Viola Julea
  • Viorela Moraru

You can listen to the songs here.

After the live auditions, as the rules of Moldova’s national final say, the organizer will decide whether the national final will take place on March 5, 2022.

Last year, Natalia Gordienko raised Moldova’s flag at Rotterdam with the song “Sugar” and ended up in  13th place with 115 points

What is your favorite song Moldova’s national final? Write in the comments down below!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news regarding Moldova’s participation in Eurovision 2022!

Source: TVR / Eurovoix

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