Moldova: Listen to the songs of Selectia Nationala!

Only a few hours after the deadline, the Moldovian broadcasting channel published all the 30 songs that have been submitted for Eurovision 2022.

The artists who are competing in the year’s Selectia Nationala are:

  • Annet Smirnova
  • Denis Midone
  • Dianna Rotaru
  • Katy Ryan
  • Misscatylove
  • Naminal
  • Ricky Ardezianu
  • Sasha Bognibov
  • The Tramps
  • Trio Eva
  • Y-Limit
  • Bumbac Tudor
  • Carolina Gorun & Danieli Shvets
  • Emilia Vlas
  • Lemonique
  • Marcela Scripcaru
  • Maxim Zavidia
  • Mihaela Andrei
  • Sasha Bognibo
  • Zdob Si Zbum & Fratii Advahov
  • Lanjeron
  • Pelageya Stefolo 
  • Ana Cercinova
  • Angel Kiss
  • Diana Elmas
  • Ferum
  • Sendrei
  • Valeria Barbas
  • Viola Julea
  • Viorela Moraru

You can listen to the full songs here.

Selectia Nationala

The Moldovian national final will be divided in two parts. At first, all the songs will be judged by the channel between 25-28 of January and then on the 29th there will be a live audition.

Later on, the channel will decide if a national final is going to be held in the 5th of March 2022.

In 2021 Natalia Gordienko represented the country with the song Sugar.

Which is your favorite from the Selectia Nationala 2022? Tell us in the comments below.

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