Norway: Interview with Farida from Melodi Grand Prix 2022 (video)

After the announcement of the contestants of the Norwegian National FinalMelodi Grand Prix 2022, Farida talks exclusively to Eurovisionfun and Stella Gialetzi.

Farida is really grateful for all the support she’s received, from the public and the people she’s collaborated with, on her first attempt to compete at MGP and she states that music is something she loves and makes her happy.

I wrote “Dangerous” with my team on July, last year. I love this kind of cinematic music. The message that the song conveys, has to do with being different. I am born half Norwegian and half Algerian. In my songs, I usually refer to myself, but “Dangerous” expresses all those obstacles people have to overcome, until they can stand on their own feet.

She also comments, that she has experimented with lots of different genres and styles of music, paying great attention to the composition of her songs and as she points out “she wants to feel the vibe of the song before she even goes through its lyrics.

Asked about the staging of “Dangerous” she describes it as follows:

The song is a bit dark and somehow dramatic, I am obviously influenced by James Bond and the cinematic theme songs and soundtracks on his movies. Therefore, the staging would start off being dark, but will end with a great surprise. With something that has never been implemented before. What I will eventually wear, will be a surprise.

She comments on her heat, as it being a “fair battle“, due to the variety of songs that will have to compete in it. There are one country song, a ballad, a rock and a pop song that will compete with each other in duels, next Saturday.

It will be so hard. This heat I take part in, is a fair battle. I wish Norway and Europe in general would actually vote for my entry. 

From the rest of this year’s contestants, she likes the songs of Christian Ingebrigtsen, Eline Noelia, Elsie Bay and Mari Bølla while her favourite past Norwegian entries in the contest are those of Stella Mwangi (2011), Alexander Rybak (2009) and Ulrikke (2020).

My favourite song of the entire contest is the one of Salvador Sobral (Portugal 2017) as he mainly focused in his music. Of course, those of Måneskin (Italy 2021) and Loreen (Sweden 2012) as well. I also loved Stefania’s performance, last year. 

We couldn’t help but asking her thoughts about Amanda Tenfjord, who she shares the same roots with, as they’re both also Norwegian!

Of course I know Amanda! I didn’t know she is half Greek. She is so good. Her music is so alternative and authentic, with a dash of Scandinavian style, in such a way that her songs can touch your soul. She can be that something-different, by taking part in Eurovision Song Contest. I am really excited and quite curious about the final outcome. For sure, the Greek proposal is something new and different for the contest this year.

A while before we said goodbye to Farida, she sang the bridge of her song acapella.

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Farida! You can watch it on the video below:

You can listen to “Dangerous“, Farida’s entry at MGP 2022 below:

Stay tuned at EurovisionFun for all the latest developments with Melodi Grand Prix 2022 and the Norwegian entry for this year!


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