Norway: Results of the first heat of Melodi Grand Prix

The first heat of Melodi Grand Prix 2022 took place today at 19:50 CET. We witnessed 5 amazing performances. Four hopefuls competed for the ticket to the Grand Final which will take place on February 19. We saw one of the automatic qualifiers perform on the stage as well. Three more heats, so-called ‘Last Chance’ and the Grand Final are yet to come!

The hosts of the show were Kåre Magnus Bergh, Annika Momrak, Mikkel Niva.


The four contestants of the first heat were:

These four competed in duels, where the two selected winners also competed with each other, in order to secure a place at the Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix.

The duels that were determined by a draw yesterday are shown here:

The odds before the show looked like this:


The winner of the first duel (Mira Craig – We still here VS  Eline Noelia – Ecstasy) was…

Eline Noelia with her song “Ecstasy

The winner of the second duel (TrollfesT – Dance like a pink flamingo  VS  Frode Vassel – Black Flowers) was…

Frode Vassel with the song “Black Flowers

Elsie Bay, one of the automatic qualifiers, performed her song ‘Death of Us‘ right after the first 2 winners were selected:


Eline and Frode once again performed their songs. The final duel determined the winner of the heat and the first qualifier as well:

The choice was made and the winner of the first heat and the first qualifier is:

Frode Vassel with his song “Black Flowers”


The next heat will take place next Saturday at 19:50 CET! You can watch MGP 2022 by clicking here.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun, for all the news regarding the Norway’s participation at Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

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