Norway: Spotify streams of the second semi-final of MGP 2022

Tonight is the second semifinal of MGP 2022, Norway’s national final for the selection of the song that will represent the nordic country in Eurovision 2022.

There are four songs that competing tonight. The competition is going to be in the form of duels, and the winners of each duel will compete against each other for a ticket to the grand final. The duels are:

  1. Lily Löwe – Bad Baby VS  Steffen Jakobsen – With me Tonight
  2. Farida – Dangerous  VS  Daniel Lukas – Kvelertak

All four songs are available on Spotify and here is the rank by number of streams:

  1. Steffen Jakobsen – With me Tonight 67866
  2. Daniel Lukas – Kvelertak  56364
  3. Lily Löwe – Bad Baby  46223
  4. Farida – Dangerous 41896

Regarding all the songs of MGP 2022, Death Of Us by Elsie Bay and Give That Wolf A Banana by Subwoolfer are far ahead of the others.

Will we will see Steffen Jakobsen in the grand final of MGP? In just a few hours we will know the answer!

You can watch the second semi-final of MGP 2022 at 19:55 CET through the official website of NRK by clicking here

Stay tuned on for all the developments regarding Norway and their participation at the upcoming contest in Turin.


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