Norway: The first information about the songs of MGP 2022!

Anders Tangen, a member of the Norwegian Eurovision news site escNorge, has also listened to excerpts from the songs and in a recent podcast gave him the following information!

  • The competition is more open than against TIX vs. Keiino of 2021
  • One of the direct finalists has a disappointing song (it could be NorthKid)
  • There are two heavy-metal / rock songs, one from an internationally known band (it could be Gaahls Wyrd), while the other was created specifically for the national final
  • A famous personality takes part and seems to be returning to the competition, although the artist does not have a good song
  • There is a dynamic ballad by a singer that was part of a successful duet (it seems to be Elsie Bay from Elsa & Emilie, who wrote last year’s “Witch Woods”)
  • This year has strong ballads, which could contribute to great success at Eurovision
  • There will be no genres like “rølp” or “russemusikk”
  • There is a country song by an artist who has participated in a music show (it could be one of Steffen Jakobsen, Ingvar Olsen or Kristian Raanes. If it is Ingvar, the song may have been written by Mørland (Norway 2015) after they have worked together in the past)
  • There are several up and coming artists from music shows like The Voice or Idol
  • One of the artists has been used on vocals for Norway (it could be Bjørnar Reime found on vocals in 2015 or Øyvind Boye Løvold who supported with his voice in 2010 and 2011)

We remind you that tomorrow, January 10, at 13:30 cet, the 21 artists will be announced as well as their songs, something that has to be done from 2019, in order to claim the coveted ticket to Turin!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the Norwegian participation in Eurovision 2022!

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